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1.  What is required to rent an item? 
For local rentals (pickup in the store) you will need to provide us with a picture ID, proof of current address (cell phone, water, electric bill) and a credit card for us to have on file.  You may pay cash or write a check for the rental, but we still need a credit card on file.

2.  Can you ship an item to me? 
Yes, we can, and often do ship items, although our target market at this time is still local. 

3.  I hear you have a one-day rental price for the weekend?
When you pick up an item on Friday afternoon, and return it on Monday morning, we only charge you one day for the rental.

4.  Is the Damage Waiver Option an insurance policy?
Not really.  The Damage Waiver will pay for a repair to a lens or camera minus a deductible much like an insurance policy, but it does not cover loss of the equipment, (even by theft from you) or water damage, therefore it cannot be considered a true insurance policy.  It is good protection though at a very reasonable price.

5.  Are you open Saturdays & Sundays? 
No, this is not WalMart.  :-)  That's the reason we offer the one-day rental price over the weekend.  Life is way too short to work every day of the week.
6.  Will you teach me how to use what I need to rent?
Absolutely!  We may not turn you into a professional portrait or landscape photographer in a 10 minute session, but we have been around the block a few times, and are full of tips and tricks that will improve your photography using our gear.
7.  Do I need a better camera to use with your professional lenses?
Great quality photos are produced more by the quality of the lens than by the quality of the camera.  Newer cameras have better pixel quality and high ISO capabilities, but it's the lens that makes the most difference in the sharpness and clarity of your photograph.  (along with light, focus, etc. etc.)
8.  Can you apply my rent towards the purchase of my rental item?
Only if that was an option arranged with us before you rented the item. 
9.  Do you sell any equipment?
We are not a dealer for any brand of equipment nor do we offer retail sales.  As our rental gear needs replacing, we will sell it in order to replace it with new, up-to-date equipment.