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Texas Photo Rental Difference
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The Difference That Quality Makes

If there is one thing I have learned to be absolutely true in nearly 60 years of life, it's that "ANY JOB IS EASIER IF YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS!"

I have been a snapshot taking photographer most of my life, and have gotten some great shots at times, but I also have missed out on some spectacular photos for either lack of knowledge, or lack of good equipment.  Only recently have I begun addressing the knowledge factor in this equation, and now Texas Photo Rental has given me the right equipment to compliment my new knowledge.

Below are two pictures taken under very similar conditions.  The difference that the better equipment makes in the overall quality of the picture is very obvious!  This first picture was taken with old, lower quality equipment, and the second with new, high quality equipment from Texas Photo Rental. Sharpness, detail, and focus is greatly improved in the second picture even at a lower shutter speed! 


Above taken with 7.0 megapixel camera, 200mm iso 400, f/8 1/1000


Above taken with 18 megapixel camera, iso 100, 200mm, f/4 1/500