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Texas Photo Rental About Us
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About Us


TEXAS PHOTO RENTAL was created by Steve Templeton to make professional grade  photographic equipment readily available to both the professional and amateur photographer.  Using great equipment will result in much better photographs, even if all you care to do is shoot pictures in an automatic mode.

I can't afford to own all the lenses and other equipment that I would like to have, and know that most folks can't either.  Today's digital cameras are very high quality as a general rule, and having a high quality lens, tripod, or flash units will enhance your results dramatically.

We invite you to make an appointment (I don't hang around the store all day every day), and come try out a camera or lens, or both, and see what you think. 


Some quick facts: 

  • As of now, you must call or email to place an order.  Internet ordering is coming....
  • Rentals are priced by the day/week/month
  • Prices listed are the daily rental price. A week (7 days) is 4x the daily price, a month is 2x the weekly price.
  • Weekend rentals are charged out at one day.  Pick up Friday after lunch and return by Monday lunch, and pay just a one day rental fee. What a deal, huh?
  • Damage Waiver Protection is available.  When you purchase the Damage Waiver, it will pay for accidental damage to the equipment, less the deductible. (Otherwise, you are responsible for replacing damaged equipment)
  • To rent an item, you must have a credit card (not a debit card), government issued photo ID, and something to verify your current address, such as a copy of a water bill, electric bill, phone bill, etc. etc.

Click on any category to the left to see what TEXAS PHOTO RENTAL has to offer, and thanks for stopping by!

Steve Templeton 
1558 S. 14th St.
Abilene, TX   79602