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Texas Photo Rental Damage Waiver
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Damage Waiver

Damage Waiver Protection (DWP) is designed to protect your financial exposure when you rent items from Texas Photo Rental.  HOWEVER, IT IS OPTIONAL, and it is not an insurance policy that covers everything.....!

If you choose to not purchase the damage waiver protection, you are 100% responsible for any damage to our equipment.  You break it, you pay for it, we can't put it any simpler than that.  If the equipment is damaged (other than normal wear and tear) when you return it, your credit card will be charged for the total cost of repairing or replacing the equipment.

Your homeowner's or other insurance policy may provide some protection for your rentals from us, you would need to verify if that is the case before deciding to accept or refuse the damage waiver protection.


Cost of our damage waiver protection is only 10% of the rental price.  For example, if you rent  two lenses for a week at a cost of $250.00 total, the damage waiver protection would cost $25.00, which is really cheap for $3,000.00 worth of lenses.  (Remind me to tell you the story of dropping my camera & lens in Kenya....)

The cost of covered repairs or replacements is provided by the DWP you purchased, less a $100.00 deductible, or 5% of equipment replacement, whichever is LESS.  If you purchase DWP, your maximum financial exposure is $100.00, even if you have rented $10,000.00 worth of gear.  Replacement prices are determined by manufacturer's MSRP.


Any damage beyond normal wear and tear (scratches on the lens hood or barrel of a lens, for example) is covered by the damage waiver, provided you return enough of the lens for us to identify that it acutally belonged to us.  If you drop it, bang it against a tree, destroy it in a vehicle wreck, it is covered by the DWP. 


LOSS OF THE EQUIPMENT for any reason is not covered by the damage waiver.  You don't get to pay a $25.00 DWP fee (as in the above example,) tell us you left the lenses on a bus in Peru, and pay nothing.  We would go out of business in the first month if that were the case.  :-)  Again, check your homeowner's or other policy for this coverage.  Theft of the equipment is also not covered by DWP, even if you provide us with a police report.

WATER DAMAGE to the equipment is not covered, it is considered negligence by the customer..  If you walk around unprotected in a rain forest and ruin the equipment, or drop it off the pier while swimming with the dolphins, DWP does not cover the damage.  Check your homeowner's or other policy for protection.

In conclusion, DWP is an inexpensive and wise investment to protect you in the event of accidental damage. Accidents can and do happen, we understand that.  If your homeowner's or other insurance policy doesn't provide the level of coverage you are comfortable with, you might research "Renter's Insurance."