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Paul Buff Cyber Commander Transmitter 10 day/40 week/80 month - Texas Photo Rental
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Paul Buff Cyber Commander Transmitter 10 day/40 week/80 month

  • Paul Buff Cyber Commander 10 day/40 week/80 month

Product Description

Cyber Commander™ controls and displays virtually every parameter of a complex studio flash setup of up to 16 light units, including the relative flashpower and modeling lamp brightness of all of the lights, from 1.56 to 6400 Ws per light. For each Paul C. Buff™ light connected, it provides an exact digital readout of the flash wattseconds, t.1 flash duration, color temperature, modeling watts, and the relative flashpower using the European standard numerical 0 to 10 scale (automatically adjusting as changes are made in output). Additionally, it displays the actual camera f-stop (in whole f-stops) of each light (or of all lights or of any particular group of lights) from a built-in high accuracy flashmeter that allows setting ISO and exposure time and exact calibration from your lights to your camera.

Cyber Commander™ allows control of parameters from the camera position, including the status of recycle beepers, slaves, modeling lamps, and even power adjustment. It enables manual bracketing of individual lights or a group of lights in precise 1/10f digital steps, while automatically updating the meter reading and power levels. For setups containing lights with different wattsecond ratings and model lamp wattages, the Cyber Commander™ will adjust proportionally, allowing you to maintain deadly accurate what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) preview.

The unit displays the light name and version for each connected light – accommodating a combination of AlienBees™, White Lightning™, ZEUS™, and Einstein™ units as well as speedlights and flash units by other manufacturers – allowing you to name individual lights as well with names like “Left Main” or “Hair Light.” It stores and retrieves over 50 complex lighting setups on an inexpensive Micro SD card (included).

Cyber Commander™ offers 16 light channels and 16 user-selectable frequencies within the 2.4GHz band for complete freedom from interference or misfiring and from other photographers with radio systems. Extreme signal integrity is assured via 256 bit state-of-the-art encoding, and its extremely low delay of 1/4000 second allows sync speeds as short as 1/2500 second on compatible cameras. It will not, however, support High Speed Sync (HSS/FP).

Cyber Commander™ is the heart and soul of our CyberSync™ family of ultra-tech radio remote control components. This advanced binary-encoded system, designed by Paul C. Buff™ and made in America, incorporates superior technology with a high degree of error security to assure freedom from false tripping. The system employs 16 selectable operating frequencies within the 2.4GHz band to allow rejection of interference signals as well as interaction from other photographers who might be using radio controls in the area. Our testing indicates a usable range of up to 400 feet, depending on obstructions such as walls or adverse conditions such as metal buildings, bodies of water, etc.

The unit runs on a pair of standard alkaline or lithium quick-change AAA batteries (two included with each unit).

The Cyber Commander™ mounts on the hot shoe of your camera, syncing with your camera so that the cue to fire is sent when your camera shutter is pressed. All parameters are controlled using the joysticks on the face of the unit.

With the CyberSync™ system, the Cyber Commander™ serves as the transmitter at the camera position, and each light in the setup requires its own receiver. The Cyber Commander™ can be used with all CyberSync™ receivers for the purposes of remotely firing units, but for adjustment of flashpower and control of all other parameters, either a CSR+ and/or CSRB+ receiver is required for each light (or CSXCV transceiver with each Einstein™ unit)..

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