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Paul Buff Cybersynch Receivers-Battery Powered (CRSB+) 5 day/20 week/40 month - Texas Photo Rental
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Paul Buff Cybersynch Receivers-Battery Powered (CRSB+) 5 day/20 week/40 month

  • Paul Buff Cybersynch Receivers-Battery Powered 5 day/20 week/40 month

Product Description

Will connect to and operate with Canon or Nikon Speedlights, or any number of studio flash units.

The AC powered CSR+ and battery powered CSRB+ receivers connect to the individual lights in your setup, ready to receive commands from the Cyber Commander™.

Both receivers have a 16-position frequency dial, a 16-position channel dial and a test button. The frequency of all receivers must match that set in the Cyber Commander™ for control of firing, flashpower and other adjustments. Each receiver must then be set to its own unique channel when using the Cyber Commander™. The receivers communicate bilaterally with Cyber Commander™ to assure reliable receipt of all commands (all CyberSync™ receivers are actually transceivers and employ a selectable repeater mode to allow doubling of the firing range, but not adjustment range).

The AC powered CSR+ (50VAC to 260VAC, 50/60HZ) uses a pass-through power cord to share an AC power source with the connected flash unit. The receiver has a short power cord that attaches to your AC powered flash unit and an AC receptacle into which your flash unit’s power cord connects. The receiver hangs from your light unit on its 10" cord without added power cords.

The battery powered CSRB+ uses alkaline or rechargeable NiMH AA cells. The CSRB+ has a 200 hour battery life with automatic shutoff after one hour of non-use, allowing about 50 shooting sessions per charge.

Both the CSR+ and CSRB+ connect to your flash unit with a supplied RJ11 (phone jack) to RJ11 cord and supplied two-foot sync cord (for connections to flashes with 1/8-inch, 1/4-inch or PC jacks). PC-connection and 1/4” full size sync jack adapters are provided.

The CSR+ and CSRB+ receivers facilitate adjustment of flashpower and other parameters when used with the Cyber Commander™ transmitter. When signaled by the CST Transmitter, the receivers will only serve to fire the units to which they are attached.

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